Ancient Alpha Predator

Vivienne Graham: Millions of years older than mankind. From an age when the Earth was ten times more radioactive than today. These animals and others like it consumed this radiation as a food source. As the levels on the surface naturally subsided these creatures adapted to live deeper in the oceans. Furter underground. Absorbing radiation from the planet’s core. The organization we work for, Monarch, was established in the wake of this discovery. A multinational coalition formed in secrecy to search for him. Study him. Learn everything we could.

Dr. Ichiro Serizawa : We call him… Gojira.

Were you able to watch Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla (2014)? I found it incredible. That is why I’m so happy to have received this wonderful Godzilla display on my birthday last year. By the way, here’s a snippet of my review.

The 2014 Godzilla was designed to give one piece of information at a time. As minutes passed, the story started to build and build. In the end, the viewers were given a big climax where other monsters films failed to give. It was indeed powerful and perfect; not to mention, the many touching moments were equally partnered with amazing action sequences and special effects.

Indeed, the 2014 Godzilla is the closest Godzilla we ever had. 

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