Enhanced Community Quarantine Diary #1: Sunday

Entry Date 03.15.2020

Here on Clari Captures, I am trying something which I will call “Enhanced Community Quarantine Diary.” But first a quick recap. On March 12, Philippine President Duterte announced a “community quarantine” on Metro Manila which took effect on 12 midnight on March 15 up to April 14. Well, it was extended which is set to last till April 30.

With my “Enhanced Community Quarantine Diary”, I will share with you a photo I took since day one. In our case, the first day of quarantine was a Sunday. Being Catholic, my family and I usually go to mass. With the pandemic, it was announced that an online mass will be held instead.

For my first photo, I decided to take this. Pretty sure you know what those are – vases and religious images on top of a piano. The golden bird in the middle is a gift from a restaurant I featured on my blog – www.ClariSays.com. Their media launch was the last foodie event I attended before the quarantine. Coincidentally, it also happened on a Sunday.

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Enhanced Community Quarantine Diary

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